W.R.K. (Eidolon)
Fazax feroze ento 1

Early concepts for Ento Kindarpa

Fazax feroze ento pinup

Ento Kindarpa, a mythical character in the film inspired by eastern philosophy.

Fazax feroze lacera 1

Poses and early concepts of Lacera and Cayden

Fazax feroze azcetegypt

Lacera Undula, a villain in the story

Fazax feroze rauer 1

Early concepts of Rauer

Fazax feroze model

Early concept of Cayden's suit

Fazax feroze cayden 1

Early concepts of Cayden

Fazax feroze cayden 3

Cayden facial expressions and mood sketch

Fazax feroze cayden 4

Cayden facial expressions

Fazax feroze daywear

Cayden street clothing concepts

This is a collection of concept design work for a personal project of mine. It's set to be a full-length 2D animated feature film